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The overindulgence project began in 1996 with the mission of studying the relationship between childhood overindulgence and subsequent adult problems and parenting practices. To date, we (David Bredehoft, Jean Illsley Clarke, Connie Dawson and our research assistants) have completed ten studies investigating overindulgence involving a combined 3,531 participants to date.

How Much is Too Much? is a book about overindulgence written for parents, parent-educators, and other professionals. This book is unique because it is written for parents while supported by our research findings.

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Our Research Studies

Annotated Bibliography: Overindulgence and Related Literature

Frequently Asked Questions About our Research Scales

Overindulgence: Indicators of Overindulgence Scale (OIOS) Permission Form (pdf)

Bredehoft-Slinger Delayed Gratification Scale (BSDGS) Permission Form (pdf)

Overindulgence: Parental Overindulgence Assessment Scale (OPOAS) email Dr. David Bredehoft, bredehoft@csp.edu

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