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"How Much is Too Much? Raising Likeable, Responsible, Respectful Children from Toddlers to Teens in an Age of Overindulgence (Da Capo Press) by Jean Illsley Clarke, Connie Dawson and David Bredehoft is an easy-to-understand guide, supported by science, that helps parents and professionals to not only recognize the problem but provides sound advice (Newsleaders serving Sartell and St. Joseph).

Karen Bradley, Parent Aware Specialist at 360 Communities, 7/24/14 

"How Much is Too Much?" has long been my favorite parenting book, I used it as a child care provider and even gave it to my clients as Christmas gifts (they loved it). Raising children in a long-term process, and that book and this article gives some good long-term philosophy and ideas to use. Keep up the good work! Fatherhood, June 2014

"I really appreciated reading How Much is Too Much? and exploring this issue in greater depth.  I have always believed that we do our children a disservice when we fail to teach them core values like thrift, balance, responsibility and spirituality, and overindulging strikes at the very center of these kinds of values.  How Much is Too Much? is a practical, engaging and thoughtful approach to reinforcing these key values in our children’s upbringing and will make a difference to any father or mother who tends to overindulge our kids.  There are lessons to be learned in How Much is Too Much? for all of us and they are lessons which will bless future generations if we follow them.” Wayne Parker, Read the full review at Fatherhood.

Review on Amazon By Jenny on March 14, 2014

Excellent Book!

Format: Kindle Edition

This book is a wealth of knowledge! I am raising kids that get compliments every where we go. I've even had people pay for our meals at restaurants because they're so impressed. I was raised as an overindulged kid and have struggled with it my entire life - this book brought answers, gave me great reasons to not overindulge my children, gave excellent advice on how to prevent overindulgence, and gives great resources for looking further into specific areas. I recommend this book to all parents... I promise, you’ll become an even better parent!

Hudson Valley News, 2/26/14
“Learn when you are overindulging, and how to stop.”, 3/13/14
“That the authors focus on the prescriptive rather than simply reciting the results of their research is a significant strength…There are enough ideas here so that if one does not work, it is possible to try another, and then another.”

Mid-Ohio Valley Parent, April 2014
“A helpful resource for parents with all ages of children…A book that can grow with your kids.”

San Francisco Book Review, 4/29/14
“This book is so incredibly relevant in today’s culture; every parent would benefit from reading it. Recommended for everyone who has anything to do with children!”

Work & Family Life, May 2014
How Much is Too Much deals with every aspect of overindulgence: what it is, why we do it and how it affects our children—as well as the impact on us as adults if we were overindulged ourselves as a child…This important book will help us learn how this is a threat to the next generation and the ways we can change and do things differently.”, 5/13/14
“An easy-to-understand guide, supported by science, that helps parents and professionals to not only recognize the problem but provides sound advice.”

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